Zeke - San Diego, CA

Pet Owner: Kate


“I wanted to write in now that we are almost at the end of our first bottle. Our cat Zeke suffers from terrible anxiety, as well as near-daily asthma attacks. He’s always been a high maintenance cat who craves attention and hates to be separated from us, but about a year and a half ago, he became very sick with and was in the ICU at specialty hospital for a week. He very nearly died. After he came home his anxiety was at its peak. He would cry and howl and pace for no reason. We did every medical test that every doctor recommended to see if he was sick or in pain, and everything came back fine. We finally resorted to Prozac, but he just became a sedated shell of his regular self, and he developed a chronic diarrhea that wouldn’t go away even when we stopped the Prozac. We attempted several training and behavior-modification techniques with no success. We were resigned to the fact that we would just have to live with this behavior forever.

One of my late nights of internet research led me to the VetCBD website.  I was eager to try it and sent my husband to get a bottle for him the next day. Within just a couple of days, his anxiety was markedly improved. He is not perfect, but it is so much more manageable now. The other unexpected benefits; his diarrhea cleared up AND he has not had an asthma attack in the 6 weeks since starting the oil!!  That alone would be a huge win in my book, but the improvements in his behavior and anxiety are also a huge weight off our shoulders.

The other great thing about this oil for us is that he doesn’t mind taking it. After his hospital stay he had a whole pharmacy and he quickly became a nightmare to medicate. But, while he won’t lick up the oil on his own, he will accept it from the syringe with no fuss, which he would NEVER do with anything else! 

So thank you VetCBD for a product that’s helping our cat out!”