Sweetie Pie, Love Bug & Mojo - Orange County, CA

Pet Owner: Joyce


“Sweetie Pie, an 8 yo female, was having apparent anxiety which caused her to scratch/bite her lower abdomen skin to the point of bleeding at times. She was miserable. Vet tried multiple prescription meds for itching and anxiety without relief. She cane home from one visit wearing a blue cone of shame. Her brother, Love Bug, a 7 old male, did not recognize her and attacked her multiple times. Even removing the cone permanently did not help. Sweetie Pie lost her mojo. Continued to work with vet and prescription drugs for both cats without relief. I ended up splitting the house into 2 areas to divide and conquer
I contacted a reputable cat behaviorist in my area. She is consulted by local rescue groups routinely. She recommended trying
Vet CBD. Using this on wet food daily for one month made my cats comfortable together. Sweetie Pie stopped scratching and biting her skin. Love Bug stopped bothering Sweetie Pie.
I was able to open my my home up again slowly. The babies now coexist comfortably. I’m so happy to have discovered a solution to bring peace to my home. 420 Central in Santa Ana had been so helpful in working through this process.”