Xain - Los Angeles, CA

Anxiety, Seizures/Neurological Disorders
Pet Owner: Beverly

“I just wanted to say to you this stuff is amazing, I recently got a sample bottle from a friend and I’ve been using it on my cat.  About a year and a half ago he started losing his hair and would scratch a lot and started having seizures. We started to get worried so we took him to see a vet and was told he has high anxiety and the seizures could also be muscle spasms because of the skin infection.

After we got the VET•CBD we gave him 1 ml twice a day and he’s been taking it for 5 days and we feel like we have our cat back again he is more affectionate and loves to be in our lap or on the bed. His sores are clearing up and his hair is starting to come back where he has the patches. He likes to play more with the other cats and doesn’t seem to be as stressed as he was and also hasn’t had any seizures since taking it. He also doesn’t throw up a lot anymore after eating his kitty food. We love this product and so does our cat and would definitely recommend it to other pet owners in need of medicine for their fur babies.”


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