Wutang - Los Angeles, CA

Pet Owner: Tim and Wutang

“I wanted to write and thank you for saving my dog’s life!

One day about 3 weeks ago Wutang woke up from his afternoon nap and he was struck with old dog vestibular syndrome. He was unable to stand up or walk. His eyes were rolling uncontrollably. He was drooling and we had to hand feed him.

We immediately took him to our vet. They then informed me there was nothing I could do for Wutang, besides take a bunch of expensive tests and give him some nausea medicine. This was very disappointing to hear. We opted out of the test and took Wutang home with us.

Working in the cannabis industry myself I had heard that there were CBD products that were made for pets. I immediately went to my local spot, LA Confidential, and found your product. I was blown away by how professional and informative your packaging and brochure were.

Wutang started taking two doses a day for the last 3 weeks and he amazingly is back to being a happy healthy dog! He can walk again, his eyes are not longer rolling, he has even been able to jump up on the couch and bed himself again. This is a night and day difference!

Thank you again for making an amazing product! I will be recommending it to all of my personal friends and family as well as other professionals in our industry. Wutang thanks you as well!”


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