Tyko -

Inflammation, Pain/Arthritis, Palliative Care
Pet Owner: Leah

“At age 10 Tyko began to experience some lameness in his right hind leg . As any concerned pet parent would we sought out help and his primary veterinarian referred him to a specialist . After a couple of vet visits and specialty work performed an MRI showed compression of a disc pushing against his spine ( Cauda Equine region) .At this point a couple of months from initial symptoms Tyko lost all mobility of his right hind  leg and began to show signs of lameness in his left hind leg. We acted fast . We were given options and we decided to go ahead and have them perform spinal surgery . He had the Dorsal Laminectomy surgery August 20th 2018 ..Where does VET CBD fit in all of this ? Well not only was it a staple in his recovery from such an extensive surgery. It was an essential aid in pain management  years after . During recovery he was confined in crate rest VET CBD eased his anxiety and also helped him regain his appetite.

Working along with his prescriptions it was a crucial part in his recovery and a support for his well being .

Due to some underlying factors Tyko never regained his ability to walk . He used  wheel chair and harness and without a doubt was as vibrant as before his surgery with such a eagerness to live life . He remained at our side for 2 years where he initially had a death sentence . VET CBD was so crucial for his daily life after surgery .Tyko crossed the rainbow bridge this year 2020 in my arms peacefully at home and even in his last day we gave him VET CBD to ease any jitters .

I continued to believe in this product and give home the tincture daily to help with anxiety and joint paint for my other beloved pet.I am “FURever” thankful for VET CBD and their continued work to provide us with this exceptional cannabis product . Truly giving us pet parents the peace of mind that we are giving our furry loved ones the best there is to offer in CBD oil .”

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