Toby - Los Angeles, CA

Nausea/Inappetence, Pain/Arthritis
Pet Owner: Chris

“Toby is a rescue dog and a special soul. He is also quite mixed in his breeds which has created a lot of anatomical problems over the years.

He recently pinched a nerve in his lower back and upon diagnosis of that issue it was also revealed that he has cancer in his lungs. This was a very scary time because the veterinarian’s recommendation was that if he couldn’t get over the pinched nerve within two weeks then he would have to be put down.

I had heard of VETCBD and got him on it instantly. That first night was the roughest I have ever seen him but now he is back to full strength and with the VETCBD he has regained his appetite. Because of his cancer diagnosis, he is not going to be around much longer but I am very happy to have found this great product because I know that the time he has left he will not be in pain and he can enjoy.”


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