Skylar - Los Angeles, CA

Anxiety, Pain/Arthritis
Pet Owner: Nicole

“My 8-year old Maltese, Skylar, has had surgery on both of his knees for luxating knee caps. However, even after multiple surgeries, Skylar would still limp daily. We have tried multiple prescription pain medications, but the side effects were too much for him to handle.

I found a  solution at the New Age Compassion Center. Two very helpful volunteers working there, Dale and Kino, met Skylar and suggested VETCBD. Skylar’s life before and after VETCBD has been night and day. Skylar used to limp everyday. Now, he’s much more mobile and only limps occasionally.

Skylar also seemed depressed over his pain and limited mobility and would whimper often. You could actually see him shedding tears. He’s only been on VETCBD for three weeks now, but I can honestly say he’s happy again which in turn makes my life happy.

Additionally, Skylar used to get very anxious from the slightest little noises and stress-out in the car. Leading the life of a Maltese can be super stressful! After being on VETCBD, Skylar is much more calm, and he is never a fuss when I take him on car rides these days.”


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