Sammy at park - July 2019

Sam -

Pet Owner: The Gibson Family

“I wanted to share with you our experience with VETCBD. Our dog Sam, a 12 years old Husky/Chocolate Lab Mix, took a quick turn for the worse, and my husband and I made a Vet appointment to have him put down about 5 days later.⠀

He was always a very healthy dog, so this shocked us, and we weren’t prepared. We did some research on CBD for dogs and got our Veterinarian to approve VETCBD. That seemed to be the one he preferred.⠀

We started giving Sam VETCBD 2 days prior to almost putting him down. On the day we took him into the Vet, he actually seemed better and more like himself. We just didn’t want him going through another night of what seemed like he was in pain and breathing very heavy and erratically.⠀

However, when we got to the Vet, Sam wouldn’t go back into the room. He put all 4 paws out, then he plopped himself on the floor so we couldn’t get him back. It was like he knew what was going to happen to him, and he was telling us he wasn’t ready.⠀

When the Vet saw him, he said that he saw a difference in him already. We told him that we had been giving him VETCBD. He said to keep giving him VETCBD and he added some meds to also give him.⠀

He acts and looks like the Sam we know and love.⠀

Several years ago, someone at our local dog park named him “The Mayor”, because there isn’t a dog he doesn’t get along with. We are so indebted to VETCBD and wanted to share our story with you and your followers.⠀

When we meet people and have Sam with us, and we tell them about his story; we always tell them about VETCBD, and they are amazed!!⠀

Thank you for buying us more time with our dog who rescued us!!”⠀

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