Reddy - Los Angeles, CA

Cancer, Pain/Arthritis
Pet Owner: Andre and Shirley

“Reddy is a 65 pound, 10 year-old terrier mix. He came into our lives 9 years ago. Reddy is an awesome dog. About a little over 2 months ago he became ill. Further, he was diagnosed with a tumor on his spleen. The tumor was removed but the pathology results weren’t good. It’s a form of terminal and aggressive cancer.

That’s when we decided to treat him the holistic way. Our homeopathic vet prescribed him with Chinese herbs and suggested VETCBD to keep the swelling and pain down and to prolong his life with quality and comfort.

Reddy is back to himself, eating well and enjoying long walks. We’ll continue giving him VETCBD and cherishing everyday he’s with us. Thank you so much.”


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