Mynka - Los Angeles, CA

Pet Owner: Shelby

“I rescued the sweetest little silky terrier from the shelter around two years ago. When I first got her, she was always with me. I recently changed jobs, and had to start leaving her at home alone. She had really severe separation anxiety and would shake really bad when I got ready to leave. While I was gone, she would urinate all over my carpet. It made me feel guilty leaving her, but I had to go to work.

I tried a bunch of different things to try to make her feel safe and comfortable while I was gone, but nothing was working. After using VETCBD for a couple weeks, she is much calmer as I got ready to leave my house, and the urinating has been controlled to her WeeWeePads.

I feel so much more comfortable leaving her now. She also used to bark at night when I put in her crate, and she is now calm and sleeps through the night. Mynka and I are forever grateful! People don’t understand that a dog’s anxiety affects the owner greatly. Thank you!”


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