Murrae -

Palliative Care
Pet Owner: Wendy
“Our sweet cat Murrae has had an over-active thyroid for a few years so we gave him medication twice a day.  Recently, his levels went through the roof and we found that he had a thyroid tumor.  We had him treated with radioactive iodine, but it did not stop the tumor from creating havoc in his little body.  After this treatment was not successful, our vet suggested that we continue his earlier medication at a very increased dose. Yet he still kept declining and was getting very thin.  He stopped purring and could hardly bear to be patted. We were seriously thinking that the time for his life to end had come.  At our daughter’s suggestion, we decided to try Vet CBD to help him have a better quality of life for whatever time he had left. We gently eased him into using Vet CBD by starting him off at half the recommended dose. I am so, so happy we did so as our boy has perked up, is eating better and gaining a little bit of weight. He is enjoying gentle caresses and sunning himself in different parts of our home. He may not live any longer but he is certainly much more like his old happy, snuggly self. Most importantly, his purr has returned.”
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