Moose - San Jose, CA

Pet Owner: Chris

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making VETCBD. I have an 11 year old St. Benard named Moose who has severe arthritis and takes upwards of 15 painkillers a day to somewhat alleviate his pain.

I tried out VETCBD about 2 months ago and am absolutely amazed at the improvement in his quality of life. Before VETCBD he would lay around the house rarely getting up, now he will get up follow me around and also play with the other dog I live with. Most of all he seems to be happier, which to me is the most important.

Not only has Moose been more active and happy, I have been able to decrease the amount of painkillers he takes per day. He is less groggy and is much more alert. I feel like VETCBD extended the life of Moose from 6 months to over a year and as all dog owners understand finding a medicine that works well for your pet is a huge relief!

Thank you again and I look forward to making Moose’s life longer and more comfortable!”


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