Misty - Los Angeles, CA

Inflammation, Pain/Arthritis
Pet Owner: David, Misty, and Family

“Misty, our beloved family Golden of 13 years, woke up but was having difficulty standing. Shaking badly, and when we went out to see her – groaning instead of her usual excited whistling. It was pain!!! We saw her back right leg had a swollen spot that happened overnight. Of course things like this happen over a long holiday weekend and this was no different. We would have to wait to get her seen by an emergency room doc for many hours.

Went and picked up VETCBD from a local brick and mortar shop and was very pleased that the manufacturing date on the bottle was less than a month from the date I purchased! Bravo on keeping fresh product on the shelves!

Within minutes of buying I was back with our girl! She had not improved. So, I gave her the recommended dose. We proceeded then to see the ER doc. She had a pocket infection which they lanced, cleaned, and dressed. They gave her a local anesthesia, but she remained calm throughout the ordeal. Was it your product, our presence, or a combo of both? Still not sure, but that evening, 12 hours later, the gift.

Even with the ordeal she had endured, our little girl was back! Not knocked out or woozy, but her usual jumping in circles and whistling noises, being excited to see us! Of course we calmed her down and stopped the dancing, but to see her back to normal was amazing.

It’s been 3 days now. Giving recommended dosage. She’s slept well, eats great, and wants to go for walks. She’s not even tried to take off her bandages, acting as if they don’t bother her in the least. I am so pleased to have found your product, and will continue to give Misty a maintenance daily dose, as Goldens are prone to arthritis and other back leg ailments. Why shouldn’t I? No matter how she advances in years, she’s still my little girl!”


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