Mighty & Lucky - Hot Springs, CA

Anxiety, Cancer, Pain/Arthritis, Seizures/Neurological Disorders
Pet Owner: Justin

“Hello VETCBD! My dog Mighty is a 7 year old Teacup Chihuahua with brain tumor, left eye dead, massive anxiety, and gets seizures. After I started giving her Dr. Shu’s VETCBD she stopped getting seizures and stopped having anxiety attacks.

My other dog Lucky is a 1 year old Mini Pinscher that i found in the streets. She was almost 3-4 months old when we found her. Lucky broke her Right Elbow joints which basically shattered and had a huge surgery done already that cost over $4,000. The doctor said she will have MAJOR arthritis for the rest of her life. So I started giving Lucky some of that VETCBD also. Lucky runs and plays as if her arm injury never occurred! Also I see that the dogs are more relaxed, energized and basically healthier!

Thanks VETCBD!”


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