Max - San Diego , CA

Pet Owner: Joan

“I have a 6 year old German shepherd. He was tired, wouldn’t eat and could not jump on my bed. This was only a day and a half. I took him to the hospital in February of this year. They took him away and brought more papers in to sign several times for labs, X-rays, ultrasounds and needle aspirations. They came back and showed me he had a mass above his heart and his calcium was 13.1. They wanted to hospitalize him to get his calcium level out of danger. 4 days in doggie ICU and we finally saw the Oncologist that gave me the devastating news…. Lymphoma/Cancer. They treated him with one dose of a chemotherapeutic. As I waited, I searched the internet like a crazy person reviewing everything. In the mean time I will tell you I am an RN and have been on CBD OIL for 4 months due to migraines. I went to the medical dispensary and found your VETCBD. I reviewed your website and read the testimonials. I was sold. He started on Vetcbd late February. The chemo cause liver damage so he was put on a Denamarin. Chemo was stopped at this point. He was placed on low dose of steroids twice a day.

Today, May 12, 2017 I am happy to report his cancer tumors have shrunk. I am hoping he will be happy, healthy and free of pain for a long time. The Oncologist said without further cancer treatment he may only live 2 months. I plan on giving him CBD oil for the rest of his life. I now give a small dose to my other 2 German shepherd dogs as well. What ever his future is, I am grateful for the development of VETCBD!! Thank you for making this available to animals! Love Max and his Mommy…..”

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