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Maggie & Cody - Los Angeles, CA

Pet Owner: Maggie, Cody, Paulette, and David

“I do wish to applaud and commend you in connection with your product, VETCBD. We began using it to treat our two rescued German Shepherds, Maggie (11) and Cody (8) for arthritic issues they are dealing with. Maggie had previously been treated with acupuncture and injections of Adequan. Cody with other meds.

From the beginning our experience with both your product and with your company, especially the developer/company head Dr. Tim Shu has been nothing but wonderful. Before we used the product Dr. Shu was very thorough and patient when he quickly returned my call and answered all of our questions regarding the product.

We have been very pleased with the results as almost within hours we saw great improvements in the dogs’ ability to move about and jump onto beds and couches as they had recently lost the ability to do, and to execute these actions and movements without crying out in pain. This has brought tears of joy to our eyes.

Knowing that your product is the “real deal” as it has to be purchased from a dispensary rather than just anywhere across the counter like other products with the same claims but without the same results, further reinforces your use of genuine CBD cannabinoid the major healing component of medical cannabis is very reassuring.

We cannot thank you enough for making our four-legged family members pain free and youthfully mobile again. Keep up the great work guys, thank you especially to Dr. Tim for his knowledge, generosity, and kindness.


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