Maddie -

Seizures/Neurological Disorders
Pet Owner: Dr. Johnson

“It is with great pleasure I am sending you this testimonial about Maddie, our little geriatric dog. She’s 15, mostly blind and deaf and is starting to show signs of dementia. Every night she experiences the equivalent of ‘sundowner’s syndrome’. This is frequently found in aging patients with dementia, where they become very anxious and confused when evening falls. It only progresses and poor Maddie will pace from room to room and randomly bark, even when we’re on the couch with her. Her anxiety only worsens as the evening progresses. We were at our wits end when a friend recommended Vet CBD. Within 2 days, Maddie was a completely different dog. She’s more comfortable, she doesn’t wander around panting and anxious. She curls up on the couch with us or goes to bed and sleeps through the night.

We ran out…oops…and my wife, who was reluctant at first to give our ancient dog cannabis, is niggling me why I haven’t purchased more Vet CBD 🙂

Guess I better not run out again. BTW, we tried all of those homeopathic ‘anxiety pills/chews’. Worthless. She weighs 15 lbs and we give her a full 1ml twice a day.

Thank you for making our household calm again.”

“If your pet is exhibiting markedly different behavior suddenly,  DO NOT give medication that might mask serious symptoms before knowing that there is no organic condition.  Prior to giving Maddie the Vet CBD, we first took her to her vet, where she had a complete exam, including teeth, urine and  blood work.  After making sure there was no obvious injury, painful condition or infection, we told our Vet what we were going to administer and felt comfortable doing so.  Your pet can’t tell you what’s going on, so it’s important to make sure you aren’t missing something serious and just giving meds to calm them down and mask something serious. “

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