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Inflammation, Pain/Arthritis
Pet Owner:

“About 4 months ago my 7 year old pit bull began limping on his left front leg. He had had past episodes of limping before, and for two years I was giving him a regular CBD oil that alleviated his symptoms.This last bout of stiffness and limping was much worse than ever before, and the CBD I was using was no longer effective. My vet put him on an NSAID for a week, and after no improvement, we were referred to an orthopedic specialist. After exam and x-rays, the diagnosis was moderate arthritis in the elbow. Even though it was classified as moderate, at this point my dog was having real difficulty walking and going up stairs. He went from being extremely active and trail hiking everyday to barely making it to the end of the block some days.We were prescribed three different meds, Adequan injections, and physical therapy, including acupuncture and laser, plus 8 weeks of restricted activity. That’s how badly he was limping!
We decided to hold off on the PT at first to see if the meds had any effect. After two weeks on Carprofen, gabapentin and amantadine, plus Adequan injections, my dog was still limping with no improvement.Just as I was getting ready to schedule physical therapy, I happened upon an article about a study done at Cornell University that showed positive results using CBD for dogs with osteoarthritis. Because my CBD had stopped working for my dog, I looked up the study to see what formulation was used in the trial and saw that it contained a small amount of THC. I remembered having read about Vet CBD a few years ago and that it contained THC. I immediately went to my local dispensary and bought a bottle.
I began giving my dog 1.5 ml twice a day on a Wednesday, and by the following Monday, my dog was back running the trails again. No limp, no stiffness. I was shocked and so were my friends who had seen him hobbling around. That was about 2 1/2 months ago. His severe limp so far has not returned, and he is on zero anti-inflammatories or pain meds. On the advice of our vet, we have continued the monthly Adequan shots but may discontinue those. My dog’s recovery has been quite dramatic. My husband is a physician and can be skeptical about alternative therapies, but he admits the turnaround is pretty amazing.
My vets’ reaction has been more neutral even though they can see that he’s back to normal with no meds but the Vet CBD. Sorry for the length of this email, but I wanted to give you all the details and say I’m so grateful for your product. My dog has other health issues that CBD will not help him with, but he is back to enjoying his walks and playing with his toys and running up and down the stairs.

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