seizures cbd medical marijuana alert 18 year old

Kona - Ventura County, CA

Anxiety, Nausea/Inappetence, Pain/Arthritis, Seizures/Neurological Disorders
Pet Owner: Gene

“I got a free sample at RDC the other day (thanks by the way). Already gave some to Kona, my 18 year-old Jack Russell Terrier, suffering from joint pain and seizures.

She’s had it for about a week or so now and seems to be moving around pretty good for a 18 year-old Jack Russell. We’ve seen NO seizures and a marked increase in her appetite. She also just seems more at ease, less anxious. She still can’t see very well but I don’t think CBD is supposed to help that, and I just feel like that the VETCBD is helping her in ways I can’t see or measure. She REALLY seems more at ease with her situation as an old dog with limited time left, and I think this is helping let her down softly. Thanks so much.

I am going to miss this dog terribly when she goes but knowing that we did what we could to make her comfortable in her last days is very important to me. Thanks again”


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