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Koley-Bear - Santa Clarita, CA

Pet Owner: Jorden

“Our 6 year old mini-Schnauzer mix, Koley-Bear has always been a smiling, happy boy, ever since the day we saved him from the shelter. However, in the recent months, he has slowed down a bit, exhibited pain when he jumps on the bed, and has started having anxiety due to mild hearing loss.

We tried everything for his joints – new food, the finest pet fish oil, sea mussel jerky strips; you name it. We got him a Thunder Shirt for his anxiety, left classical music on at home while we were out, and went through a literal pill cabinet of various, all-natural, anti-anxiety canine supplements. They helped, yes – but he would seemingly go right back to square one after only a few weeks. It was scary and heartbreaking to see our “firstborn furbaby” suffer like that. We didn’t want to put him on any prescriptions, because we had seen the quality of life those products had left our friends’ animals in, and couldn’t bear the thought of him having to be dependent on a pharmaceutical the rest of his life, but we were running out of viable options…

VETCBD changed everything! Since he started taking it, he has no problem keeping up with our three younger pups when they play, and his anxiety has settled considerably to the point of almost nonexistence. It is a complete turnaround, beyond anything I ever thought possible! Thank you so, SO much for doing the amazing work you do! It changed our baby boy’s life, and we will be sure to tell everyone we know about it so we can help spread the good health!”


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