Jack Joint Imflammation

Jack - Santa Ana, CA

Anxiety, Inflammation, Pain/Arthritis
Pet Owner: Gary

“I am writing this to say thank you for putting out a great CBD product for dogs that works and is readily available through my local dispensary, 420 Central, in Santa Ana, CA.

My dog, Jack, is a 110lb Pit Mastiff mix with two surgically repaired knees, food and environment allergies, along with anxiety related barking issues.  He has been on numerous prescription medications over the years for ear infections, skin rashes, and joint inflammation with very little relief and the risk of long term side effects

Along comes VETCBD!  Jack is on his eighth week of twice daily doses of your product with amazing results.  He is more active, less agitated to noise, and is noticeably more physically comfortable. 

Thanks for making this product available.  I will help spread the word!”


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