Isabelle - San Diego, CA

Pet Owner: Love, Leah, Janie & Isabelle

“This is the Fabulous Isabelle, who is the Fur Baby of my best friend, Janie! Izzie came from a group of puppies I rescued over 10 years ago. Unfortunately, Isabelle somehow developed renal failure & was going downhill immediately! Janie and I have managed, through natural & medical means to keep Izzie alive, but everything we tried was beginning to be not as helpful as before!

Isabelle started getting really ill, nauseated, vomiting, diarrhea, no appetite – absolutely out of control and feeling sick, until I read about VETCBD and looked up where I could go pick it up on the Internet. I picked up a bottle of VETCBD tincture at the dispensary that carries it and took it immediately to Isabelle.

To Janie’s and my amazement, Izzie started doing so much better instantly! To our immense joy and gratefulness, Izzie has returned to her adorable, normal self!  VETCBD is the healing product and is helping Izzie in a way nothing else has! We are thrilled and honored to have miraculously been led to this mind-blowing gift! Isabelle also sends a happy dog hug to Dr. Shu and everyone involved in the development and production of VETCBD♥️! YEA!”


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