Honey & Bear -

Inflammation, Pain/Arthritis
Pet Owner: Helena

“I recommend the VETCBD 100%.  My American Staffordshire terrier Honey has problems with her knees and limping or jumping on 3 legs other times. The vet want to keep her on Rimadyl long term every day, but after researching, I was looking for other, natural options. That’s when I got introduced to CBD for dogs the first time. I have now given her VETCBD (tincture) for months now and I know it helps her tremendously.  We have our routine when it’s time to take it. I ask her if she want her medicine and bringing out a little stepping stool. She gets up on it with her front legs and than I ask where her medicine is. She looks at the cabinet, I’m getting it ready and give it to her through her mouth. All while she still stands on the stepping stool. She lets me lift her lip, put the syringe in her mouth and even licking it clean. I can tell the VETCBD makes her more comfortable and as a dog mom, it makes me very happy to see her be ok. Her and her brother Bear are my heartbeats,️ THAT’s how I know it helps her. So I recommend the VETCBD with my whole heart. It’s natural, no side effects and it works!! “

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