Henry -

Anxiety, Pain/Arthritis
Pet Owner: Kalia

“Thank you so much VETCBD we absolutely love your product! It has helped changed Henry’s life and his sister Marlee! Henry suffers from hip dysplasia and ever since he started his vetcbd he hasn’t had any problem with his hips and he’s been walking and running perfectly. ⠀

Also Henry suffers from eye problems he was diagnosed with 2 detached eye retina and the CBD oil helps with eye sight stay intact. It keeps his body/muscles strong and his immune system in great health. Not only does it help with this but it also helps with his anxiety, Henry was tied to a tree at a young pup, so he gets separation anxiety very easily. VETCBD helps Henry to calm down and relax.

Not only has vetcbd helped out Henry but it has also helped his “younger” older sister Marlee. Marlee is 15 years old: she was told that she would only have 6 months to live 2 years ago. Ever since we started her on vet CBD she has been thriving and acts as if she is a puppy again. She has trouble walking , some days she limps and cries because the pain is unbearable the oil not only relieves her pain it helps the limping tremendously. She also has bad tremors and shakes once I administer the oil to  her, her  shaking stops within 10 minutes. ⠀

We are so thankful we found a product that works and helps our babies. As your dogs get older they can suffer from several medical problems such as tumors which the pills has helped with those too. It keeps their immune system strong and it keeps them healthy and happy. :purple_heart::feet::dog:

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