Gabana - Los Angeles, CA

Nausea/Inappetence, Pain/Arthritis, Seizures/Neurological Disorders
Pet Owner: Sidman

“My man! I picked up a bottle of VETCBD last night, gave her (Gabana) a dose before bed, and gave her one this morning and she is walking! On her own with a slight wobble, but she is walking, man.

I can’t thank you enough, and let me know where I can go so I can share this miracle your product has done for our little champion 18 year-old! A miracle indeed, on the third day of this gut wrenching experience, and she’s not only walking but she had her first bowel movement since the seizure and she’s ready to eat! Gabana and the family are truly thankful for VETCBD!!!!

Stay blessed and keep on doing God’s work.”


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