Forest -

Inflammation, Pain/Arthritis
Pet Owner: Elena

“My best bud Forest is an emotional support animal. He works double time around here, because his dad has epilepsy and I have bipolar disorder. He is super sensitive and that can cause a lot of anxiety sometimes. This June Forest will be 11, his old bones are creaky and his joints are getting stiffer with age (he prefers a cone, rolled to the perfect firmness), and he has developed lumps and bumps, some that are close to his knees and shoulders. But with the help of CBD and THC, my favorite boy is living a happier and better life, and hopefully a longer one too! I have been using CBD products on my best pal for a couple years now, and nothing has shown long term results like @byvetcbd! He has so much more mobility, and he seems so much more at ease and stress free. He also loves the taste, and never tires of it! Which is awesome; I have never had to “convince” him to take it, I simply say, “are you ready for your CBD?” and he is by my side, ready for his medicine!

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