Fisher Seizures

Fisher - Long Beach, CA

Seizures/Neurological Disorders
Pet Owner: Susan

“I am sending this picture of my dog, Fisher, who has been using your VETCBD now for nearly 16 weeks. Fisher started having seizures about 5 years ago at the age of 2.  He’s been on all the [anti-seizure] drugs.  The combination [of the anti-seizure medications] would help but he still would have seizures every 4 weeks or so,  Sometimes longer in between,  but this was the average. They were often clusters and 4 months back he had seizures that would not stop for many hours – even when he was in emergency they could not get them to stop for about 8 hours. When they finally subsided, he was unable to walk or even pick up his head.

When I brought him home in the vegetated state I started reading about alternative medications and came across your VETCBD and started to give it to him twice a day while working on a rehab program to get him to walk again.

To this day Fisher has not had another seizure for the 16 week period.

He still takes the full cocktail of drugs but with the addition of this product I feel like we have found the solution to, at the very least, extending the time between the episodes.  He’s walking and running again and a very happy dog! A big thank you from Fisher and from me!


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