Fiona -

Pet Owner: Kris and Dave

“We have a beautiful female rescue German Shepherd named Fiona. She came to us after being a breeder in a puppy mill. She is about 5 years old now and is still quite socially damaged as well as having physical issues. She is inactive, very aloof, and lethargic. Her back leg was broken years ago and neglected; so the bone set itself incorrectly, causing her to have a noticeable limp, she is unable to run and has to rest after walks. She’s our girl but not a very affectionate or active dog due to these ailments and the effects of her former life. We understood her issues and have accepted that our dog is different than other dogs, but it has always hurt us that she seemed unhappy, low, and never excited- and that we couldn’t make her feel better or receive love back from her.

We saw an ad for VETCBD at Elemental Wellness in San Jose and decided to try it. We’ve tried other things and had no beneficial results. We felt like it couldn’t hurt to try VETCBD. Fiona has only received two doses as of today, but with only two doses of VETCBD in her, she is walking up and down the stairs with ease. She’s wagging her tail (she never does this) and “smiling.” She is playful, and she is visibly more engaged and alert. We are shocked, and so happy. It’s amazing! If this is after only two doses, and less than 24 hours, can’t wait to see how she is a week from now.

Its great to finally meet the real Fiona! Thank you for your product, please use this testimonial if you want. We are so grateful!


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