Corrine - Los Angeles, CA

Pet Owner: Corinne

“I met you at New Age Compassion Care Center. You gave me a sample of VETCBD and I tried it with my 9 year old miniature Schnauzer (she hates loud noises and heavy vibrations). Not only is she handling the noises now, but she is far more active, too. If I haven’t given her the medication by 7pm she barks at the cupboard where I keep it.

Since she did so well with the product, I tried it with my other dogs. Beau is six years old and is a night barker, or I should say WAS a night barker! He is now sleeping all night and is full of energy.

I also have Roxy, a 9 year old Golden-doodle. Although she has no serious conditions, she has started to show signs of mild hip dysplasia so I started her on it. She is running and jumping like a puppy!”


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