Clay - Orange County, CA

Seizures/Neurological Disorders
Pet Owner: Josh

“This is Clay. He is a 3 year old black tri Australian Shepherd and has been having seizures for the past 6 months or so. We got Clay from a close friend who breeds Australian Shepherds as a side job and this is the third dog we have gotten from her. I had no idea these dogs could get epilepsy and had no clue where to start other than my local vet. He recommended Phenobarbital which apparently is one of the most commonly used medications to treat pets with epilepsy. I read more about this medication and found out that the side effects can sometimes outweigh the benefits such as liver failure and in some cases can make the seizures worse as they pile on the meds. I understand that most vets are only trained in prescription medications just like human doctors but I knew there had to be a better alternative for my furry companion. I kept researching and started noticing more and more testimonials about the benefits of CBD for people and pets so I got myself a cannabis recommendation hoping this would be the best option for Clay. I started with a couple different products which none of them seemed to have any lasting effect as he continued to have seizures every couple weeks if not more frequently. I figured he needed a higher dose so I continued asking around for more advise on what I should be giving him. I was told by a friend who is knowledgeable about how cannabis works that cannabis derived CBD is most likely the only type of CBD that will help him as hemp derived CBD isn’t nearly as effective in an epileptic case such as Clay’s which was news to me. I then received a business card for Happy Holistic Garden in Santa Ana, CA and they said they have a product called Vet CBD which has helped a lot of animals so far and could work for Clay. It has been a couple weeks now and he’s had 1 minor seizure that only lasted a few seconds but he came out of it quickly which is a good sign, since then I have seen no signs of any seizures and he seems a little more mellowed out and not as anxious. I am aware that animals with epilepsy don’t always live as long as they should due to brain damage and other factors that shorten their lifespan so I am very grateful there is a product like this available that can help him long term. I want to continue using Vet CBD in the hopes it will at least minimize the amount of seizures as well as prevent the really bad grand mal ones from happening as he has had extreme seizures that have lasted a couple minutes and believe me it is the scariest thing for a dog owner to experience. I want to do everything in my power to stay away from medication as I still believe that CBD is the best option for him since I have never heard yet of CBD making anything worse like medication can and will continue to research and monitor his seizures, it’s just a matter of finding the right product, dosage and having a little faith and sticking it out, which I believe Vet CBD is the answer I’ve been looking for. Thank you for making this product, it means a lot knowing that people care about our furry family members and will go extended lengths to create something that most people have little knowledge about. Keep doing what you’re doing!”

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