Pet Owner: Chris

“I just wanted to let you know what a difference your product has made for my 17 year old cat, Chuck. Chuck was diagnosed with heart disease a few months ago. After some improvement from prescribed medication, he began to deteriorate again, losing weight (even though he was eating), and becoming weak and lethargic. I tried out Vet CBD mainly in the hopes it would lessen his anxious yowling but after about two weeks, I started seeing big changes. He’s gained a lot of weight, is much more energetic, and generally just seems healthier and more relaxed. He really has done a complete 180 and I’m positive the game changer was Vet CBD. It might have even saved his life. Thank you so much.

Here’s a pic of him on his first day outside in over a month. It was his choice to go out which I know means he’s feeling good.”
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