Chloe -

Inflammation, Pain/Arthritis
Pet Owner: Sara
“This is Chloe, she turned 13 this year. A lot goes into taking good care of our dogs, feeding them the best food, taking them to the vet for regular check-ups, and multiple daily walks. However, the main thing that has made the biggest difference in their overall health, in my opinion, is the daily use of CBD oil. About five years ago, Chloe started limping on her right leg. We didn’t know why so we took her to the vet. We discovered that she had torn her ACL. There were only a few options; put her down, surgery, or physical therapy. Putting her down was absolutely out of the question. Everyone, including the vet, was hesitant for the surgery due to her age and how she would react to the anesthesia. We decided to create our own option and go a more natural way. Along with some physical therapy, we started experimenting with CBD oil. After research and some trial and error, VETCBD is our go-to product and preferred brand. With other brands, I’ve seen misleading information, bad ratio’s, and they weren’t made for animals. VETCBD has had our loyalty due to it being an all natural, olive oil based product, founded by a vet, and is specifically formulated for animals. Not to mention it’s very easy to administer and use. The biggest difference in our story is knowing that we give our dogs CBD every single day. They have come to expect it and notice whenever we’re out. I know this might be hard and quite expensive, and not everyone lives in a place to purchase CBD oil but I wanted to share what I think has specifically helped Chloe recover from injury and possibly live a little longer.”
To read more about how VETCBD has helped Chloe, click here: https://www.sarabeam.com/blog/how-cbd-oil-save-my-dogs-life
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