Calvin Cushing's Disease Seizures, Prostate Cancer Anxiety

Calvin - San Diego, CA

Anxiety, Cancer, Seizures/Neurological Disorders
Pet Owner: Meliza

“My little Calvin is 14 years-old, and has been amazingly healthy all his life.   This past Saturday, he suffered his first seizure, so I took him to the vet that following on Monday.  Sadly, he was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease AND prostate cancer.  Cushing’s disease can be tolerated, but prostate cancer is incredibly serious in dogs.   I was devastated.  I immediately researched all natural options to help slow down the cancer growth, as prostate cancer is very aggressive.  A friend recommended CBD oil, so we found your company online.  Thankfully, you are also in San Diego, so I ordered it from a mobile collective and got it that afternoon. 

Calvin had been straining to poop for a few weeks now, only getting out what looked like little rocks (dry and small).  I thought he was constipated from the heat, but it’s due to the prostate enlarging and blocking his colon.  I gave him the VETCBD oil that evening. By the next afternoon (now about 24 hrs later), he had a close to normal bowel movement, which he hasn’t had in a long time.  Imagine being constipated that long! He also seems to be feeling more at ease overall.  Cushing’s disease causes extreme anxiety, panting, and also seizures.  We took him to an oncologist that Thursday for a second opinion.  While at the vet, he will usually nearly lose his mind and freak out, shake and cry.  He didn’t do any of this there, but he was as alert as usual. 

I knew in my heart this was the CBD oil helping his nerves, and I was very impressed.  I am so grateful for your CBD oil.  While I don’t know what his fate is, I am confident I can help him feel as good as he can while he goes through this.  Who knows, I may be able to slow that cancer down enough to be with him much longer than everyone expects!  Thank you guys for VETCBD!  It may just give me more time with my best friend and closest family member.  =)”



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