Buddy - Los Angeles, CA

Pet Owner: Kerry

“My Aussie, Buddy, is around 14 years-old and is a rescue canine. On Dec. 30th he had lack of coordination and his eyes were darting side to side. Buddy has always been anxious and fearful of loud noises. After receiving meds from the Vet, he was better but not all the way back. He also has separation anxiety.

A staff member of [a medical marijuana] dispensary recommended VETCBD. The oil has helped so much that I have my Buddy back now, not anxious and a lot calmer too. This is exactly what I needed to help him get better. For the first time ever a few days ago, I was able to brush my teeth before leaving and Buddy did not whine.

I cannot thank you enough for your product. I also was able to take him for a short walk the last two days. I never thought I would be able to take him on a walk ever again after his scary episode on 12-30. I definitely recommend this product. I wish I would have tried it sooner. Now I have something to make him very comfortable. Thanks again.”


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