Buckley anxiety

Buckley - Los Angeles, CA

Anxiety, Pain/Arthritis
Pet Owner: Jason

“I’ve been using your product with my 18yo Male Tabby who suffers from Chronic cystitis and frequent UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infection) I just recently had to take him to the vet for a suspected UTI and I used VETCBD along with his other meds to help with the pain and anxiety.

The great thing was without knowing it he had the most relaxed visit to the vet he’s ever had, since I’ve had him. He normally pees, poops, and throws up on himself on the way to vet, (this trip he merely laid in the carrier and just sat there watching the outside, first time ever for that!!)  and because of his condition, he’s had a PU (perineal urethrostomy) surgery, getting a pee specimen is no easy feat. The vet got a urine sample from him in under an hour and said he’d never been so relaxed and well behaved. He’s been known to throw quite the attitude at the vet. The only difference this time was the VETCBD.

Last time he went to the vet, he had [anti-seizure] meds and his pain meds and he still had a rough trip, this time with the CBD added to the mix he was way more relaxed and handled the whole ordeal well. He’s back at home now awaiting the results of the urine culture and I’m continuing to use the CBD to help manage his pain while we wait for the antibiotics to be prescribed. Thanks for making such a high quality product, I’ve really been seeing the benefits with my cat.”

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