Boudica (Bo) -

Pet Owner: Cassie

“My cat Boudica (Bo) is 20 years old. I have had her since I was 6. She just recently started showing more obvious signs of old age. She was diagnosed with Kidney failure (as is common with elderly cats) about 2 years ago at which point her kidneys were running on 2/3 their normal function. I was prescribed special food which I continue to use, but now her age is started to become very evident.


She would vomit often (though her appetite remained the same so she would expel what she ate or expel bile), some issues of incontinence were starting, anxiety appeared where she used to have none at all, and it was very evident by the constant licking of the limbs that she was developing terrible arthritis.


I figured her time was getting close and I purchased Vet CBD thinking maybe it would at least make her slightly more comfortable until the time came where the humane thing would be to put her down.


But my theory of a “slight” difference could not have been more underestimated. The difference is amazing. Bo no longer vomits, she has not had another accident, and when she takes the CBD there is very little if any incessant limb licking, her anxiety is also completely gone when I give it to her. She is no longer practically clinging to my ankles while I walk around my small cottage due to her anxiety.


At almost 21 years old the Vet CBD has increased her quality of life, and likely extended it as I would have likely had to put her down soon due to her negative symptoms exponentially increasing. She’s comfortable and visibly doing far better. I see the difference between when I give it to her and when I don’t. Because of the interim between having the CBD and having to wait for it to be restocked, I can say the Vet CBD is making a difference and it’s not in my head—because when she does not take it, the anxiety and vomiting is the first to come back within two days or less.


After getting the first 1oz bottle, when that was gone, I quickly got the 2oz. Bo is happy, comfortable, nourished, and relaxed, and at her age that’s even more than I could have hoped for. I truly believe not only has her quality of life increased, but that her life has been extended as she is no longer in pain and is keeping down the food she eats.


Thank you for such an amazing product. I recommend it to everyone.


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