Betty - Los Angeles, CA

Pet Owner: Rachel M & Betty White

“Meet little Miss Betty White! (She is a bad ass ole bitch after all) We adopted Betty into our family at the ripe old age of 16 years old and as with many dogs her age, she came with to us with her fair share of medical problems, but none were as bad as the musculoskeletal trauma such as untreated broken bones and repeated trauma to her spine that she suffered from prior abuses.

We worked tirelessly with her doctor to alleviate any residual pain she had from those injuries using [various pain medications, NSAIDs] and joint supplements several times daily. While they helped, they didn’t completely alleviate her pain, they made her very groggy, and her mobility was starting to suffer as a result.

I was at a loss of how to further help her and it was killing me to see this once energetically mobile girl lose the spring in her troddle (her walk has always been more of a cross between a trot and a waddle).

After doing some research, I brought the idea of using veterinary CBD oil up to her veterinarian who agreed that it would be a good idea and recommended VETCBD saying that several of her patients have told her what a great product it is and how much it has helped them.

I noticed a huge difference in her mobility and pain within a day or so, I was blown away at the night and day difference we instantly saw in Betty. We are so impressed with your product that her doctor and I have completely stopped the [pain medication] and scaled back all of her other medications to minimal amounts and I am happy to report that last night, for the first time in months I saw that adorable troddle that I have missed so much!!

Thank you for helping Betty get her groove back!!!”


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