Bella & Bruno -

Pain/Arthritis, Palliative Care
Pet Owner: Bobbi

I have witnessed firsthand the benefits of cannabis for Bella in her last days of fighting autoimmune hemolytic anemia last year. She was in terrible pain to the point of collapsing when she would try to stand and walk. VETCBD helped her so much, not only with the pain, but with her anxiety of experiencing the symptoms of this disease and not knowing what was going on. I was so fortunate to have been able to keep her comfortable with cannabis during the last days of her life. Bruno is dealing with hip issues and would not be able to go on his daily walks without his VETCBD. He is like a different dog when taking it—happy and energized—without having the pain his hip joints. Sam has breathing issues (a common Pug ailment) that make him anxious when exercising, and ongoing problems with his patella that make it difficult for him to exercise. VETCBD helps him with both of these issues by calming his breathing and decreasing his pain to the point of actually giving him “pep in his step” that he has been without for so long. We thought he would never be able to go on walks again until we started him on VETCBD.  “

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