arthritis, stiffness, inappetence, anxiety, no side effects

Bailey - Sacramento, CA

Anxiety, Nausea/Inappetence
Pet Owner: Michael


After treating my 17 year-old blind and deaf mini Poodle for just over 1 week, I’ve noticed significant improvements in several areas!


  • He is not as stiff – more limber – his usual joint stiffness is markedly reduced.
  • He is more playful with my 6 year old Biche-Poo!  It makes both of them happy!  And me too!  Watching them together is a joy.
  • His appetite has improved a lot.  He has put on 1.5 pounds (he was down to 18).
  • In general, he is noticeably more alert despite not having any vision or hearing.
  • He has been far less anxious, and I’m in the middle of the sheer chaos of moving.  This has been a very, very stressful and difficult experience for him in years past (just like a lot of human’s, too).  This time is completely different!
  • He has been more affectionate!  He has never been a particularly affectionate dog – it’s just his personality.  However, he is now occasionally “asking” for some affection.  This has been very rare for a long time.
  • It’s hard to say what a dog’s “mood” is like, but he seems more at ease.
  • He likes longer walks now, and keeps up his gait FAR better than before.  He is not struggling to keep up and needing me to slow down as often, even up mild grades.
 He was/is not in pain or suffering; it’s the VETCBD [that has] helped improve his quality of life, which is the most important thing.  And without pharmaceuticals and their side effects. I’m so grateful I can now give my elderly fur child more comfort for the time I have left with him.

 I’ve also recommended VETCBD to a 501(c)3 rescue group that has been using CBD successfully for over a year now, but the brands, formulations and quality control have been frustratingly inconsistent. Since VETCBD is vet formulated, manufactured in the Unites States, made from flower – not hemp – those issues will no longer be a problem.  I expect they would use it regularly. As such, I’ve encouraged them to get some samples of VETCBD as they have many special needs dogs that have benefited from it.  They have been rescuing dogs for over 25 years, and they KNOW CBD works from their own experience.”


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