Auggie -

Inflammation, Pain/Arthritis
Pet Owner: Renee

“Auggie is a 10 year old French Bulldog that was born deaf. Over the last year he’s lost the use of his back legs. We thought it was Degenerative Myelopathy, but the gene tested negative. Then about 2 months ago his rear leg became swollen.  He’s had two aspirate biopsies, an Xray, MRI and visit with a neurologist.  The vets are stumped, it’s not cancer, but a big fatty mass. The anesthesia from the MRI made Auggie sick, very sick.  We decided not to pursue any further surgical treatments recommended such as a more aggressive biopsy or amputation. Auggie is a happy guy and has not shown any signs of discomfort prior to the MRI. Friends on social media recommended CBD oil… We chose VETCBD and after he finished his first bottle Auggie’s unique personality has returned.  Being unable to use his back legs and using a wheel chair hasn’t slowed him down. We are still working on reducing the inflammation in Auggie’s leg. However, we want to give a testimonial on how much better Auggie is feeling better. We visited Green Earth Collective on 4/20 and Auggie got this new bandana as a special gift with our purchase of the big bottle of VETCBD.  We wanted to share our positive results with you. Thanks!”

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