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Anubis & Cleo -

Pet Owner:

“Over the past few years I’ve dreaded the 4th of July. My dogs Anubis and Cleo(who were both rescued from very traumatic situations) would cry, hide, pant, run around the house terrified. I’ve tried everything. Weighted vests meant to clam anxiety, sleepy chews, and even tranquilizers. Nothing worked. They were either still terrified, or not themselves for days after the tranquilizers. I wanted something where my dog could still be my dog, but confident enough to not fear the loud noises. Enter VETCBD. I start a few days before the fourth, so it’s in their system during the big night. Now my babies are playing fetch, snuggling, and not a single cry, whine, or shiver. I’m so thankful that you’ve given my dogs the peace of mind they deserve. Trauma can be carried for years, and I didn’t want one a day a year to affect all of the progress they’ve made. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

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