Angel & Tahoe - Corona, CA

Pain/Arthritis, Seizures/Neurological Disorders
Pet Owner: The Manmano Family

“These are my dogs Angel and Tahoe. Angel is 13 and Tahoe is 12. Both suffer from ailments that come with aging but overall they have been very healthy dogs. Sadly in the last year I have noticed changes.

Tahoe (corgie/chow mix) began suffering from arthritis and then a pinched nerve in her spine. She had difficulty walking and getting up stairs to come inside and suffered from bouts of pain.

Angel (shepherd/chow mix) had 2 seizures two weeks ago but the vet said it is common with older dogs and wasn’t too alarmed being her blood work was excellent for a dog her age but still thought I should consider putting her down. She has been showing signs of arthritis and over the year has developed numerous fatty tumors. Of course the most alarming thing was the seizures.

I immediately called my brother who recommended VETCBD. My husband ran out and got it and within two days we saw huge results in both dogs. Both had better appetites, more energy and mobility and best of all Angel had not had any further seizures. We are SOLD. This experience has solidified my faith in cannabis as medicine. Thank you so much for giving us our dogs back.”

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