Princess - Sacramento, CA


Pet Owner: Calla

“My baby girl Princess is 15 years-old. I’m proud to say VETCBD has been by our side. A year ago she started losing her back legs. They would shake and I could tell she was in a lot of pain. She wasn’t able to walk , only used her front legs. When I knew it was going to be the end of her time I tried out VETCBD.

It has been a miracle. This is a picture of her today, up and walking(trying to run) it’s so freaking cute. She’s a fighter. And this has given her an extra year of life, all I wanted was to see her pain free and not laying down and sad. It’s great to know with this medicine she can actually get up and play with the other dogs.

Thank you guys so much, it’s helped out my family and her a lot. Thank you!!”