Gino - Los Angeles, CA

Anxiety, Pain, Depression

Pet Owner: Ryan

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“Our 9 year old Lhasa Apso Gino has had a really rough time for the last few months with hip problems, licking his paws red, anxiety, issues sleeping, and inappropriate urination. Although he never was in pain, he was always very sedentary and seemingly depressed. His health seemed to start declining after his owner, my stepfather, passed away from cancer. His sight is almost entirely gone, he often barks without need of anything as well as relieving himself inside the house immediately after we’ve taken him for a long walk. We know that he doesn’t have a long time left with us so I began looking for more natural solutions to help him during his time left.

I heard of VETCBD and gave it a try. After about a day, he seemed happier and more active and slept much better. My mother and I noticed he was more active, mobile, seemed more comfortable, and barking to let us know he needed to go outside, just like when he was younger! I hope that anyone with dogs with anxiety, discomfort, or pain try this immediately!”