Fat Ami - Orange County, CA

Pet Owner: The Briceno Family

” I have a 2 yr. old Chihuahua mix named Fat Ami. She was recently adopted by my loving family last year from a shelter. When we were ready to bring her home the vet revealed that she had a chronic condition with her knees. Turns out that both of her knees pop out of place at random times when she is active. It causes her discomfort and some pain because she immediately stops and shakes her knees back in to place, but she relaxes for a moment to let the pain subside. I discovered Vet CBD at Anaheim Patient Care and decided to test it out for my furry little gal. Before I take her on walks I’ll give her a dose and she comfortably endures her walks. No more stopping to rest when her knees pop out she just moves right along as they go back to their normal spot. I am very thankful to have this wonderful medicine available for Fat Ami! So a big thanks to you all, keep making miracles happen.”