Diamon & Varitek - Los Angeles, CA

Pet Owner: William

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“Our humans wanted us to have a better quality of Life and be more playful so they bought us Vet CBD oil. In three days we were energetic, our leg pain diminished 80% or better, Diamon stopped having seizures entirely (a tincture from France lowered these but the CBD oil in conjunction stopped them), we were exhausting our runner (we do a small 5 mile jog every week), and started playing with each other again.
A little background on us.
Diamon is a 9 year old Boxer with a host of medical problems including life threatening seizures and Varitek is a 12 year old pit bull with cancer and has had ACL surgery. This CBD oil responded immediately in both dogs and targeted different ailments with phenomenally fast results. Varitek started using his ACL surgery leg fully and stopped toe tapping… he also wasn’t sore after runs. Our dog runners dog had recently been taken out of social situations because she is lashing out due to pain. After a week (currently on for two months and still awesome) she was calm enough to go back to playing and being social. Her energy is through the roof and she is playing with the other dog again. This is the trend… these are the results in three completely different breeds with entirely different problems.
If your dog is suffering, generally sore, doesn’t eat or suffers from anxiety, has seizures or you just want the best quality of Life till they pass then this is the Best choice you can possibly make. Even my Vets, who cannot recommend this product legally, tell me to use it and inquire about the results in detail. I buy two 2 ounce bottles at a time! Don’t wait… three days of use and you will see a totally transformed dog and you both will be delighted!
Vet CBD oil has transformed my house into a happy puppy play place again.