Daphne - Los Angeles, CA

Seizures, Pain

Pet Owner: Karen

“Our 14-year old poodle-bichon mix, Daphne, has had a seizure disorder for over 8 years, and we have had to treat her with [anti-seizure medication], using progressively stronger doses after the years when she would break through a particular dose and begin seizing again.

Recently Daphne was having to take such a large dose of [anti-seizure medication] everyday that she was becoming less and less alert and sleeping more and more. Basically she wasn’t living anymore and certainly not having any fun. She had become so listless and weak that we were beginning to wonder how long we could ask her to keep going.

We were lucky to have a chance to use VETCBD. Daphne reacted favorably to VETCBD in just days. By the second day of VETCBD, we noticed improvement, which continued to increase daily. By the fifth day, we had much of our “old dog” back to her alert, playful self. This drug is a miracle as far as we are concerned. We’ve seen her strength in her legs increase significantly, so she doesn’t fall every time she crosses the hardwood floor.

We are amazed at her improved level of alertness, her strength, and her general interest in life. I hope this will allow us to have her with us for a lot longer than we had expected!”