Los Angeles, CA

Nausea, Renal Failure

“Thank you VETCBD for your product. It has been a godsend for my 15 year old Shih Tzu with renal failure. It has helped him to be less nauseous and has allowed him to eat to keep up his strength. The vet is really surprised that he is still alive. Back in March he was given […]

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Love, Leah, Janie & Isabelle

San Diego, CA

Nausea, Inappetence

“This is the Fabulous Isabelle, who is the Fur Baby of my best friend, Janie! Izzie came from a group of puppies I rescued over 10 years ago. Unfortunately, Isabelle somehow developed renal failure & was going downhill immediately! Janie and I have managed, through natural & medical means to keep Izzie alive, but everything […]

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Sacramento, CA

Anxiety, Loss of Appetite

“Howdy, After treating my 17 year-old blind and deaf mini Poodle for just over 1 week, I’ve noticed significant improvements in several areas!   He is not as stiff – more limber – his usual joint stiffness is markedly reduced. He is more playful with my 6 year old Biche-Poo!  It makes both of them […]

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